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Friday, 5 July 2013

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Thursday, 4 August 2011


You reserved the whole rink? . Iet them know whose aide was coming by. The mayor's, that's whose. Mr. Vogel, I thought we was going skating. No, we're not important enough. Everybody just hold hands until the bus driver comes back from his haircut. What? Seriously? I'm trying to impress you with my clout. I know, and it's working. But think how much skating would mean to those kids. We came here instead of eating today. This might be their only chance to skate here their whole lives.

Dog-danged scammers used our money to build a fleet of remote-controlled, solid-gold Death Stars. Ooh! I’d take one of those with a side of chili fries. We're hopelessly outgunned. The force is with us, but that's about it. to a huge manufacturing complex. I brought the eIves back from vacation Chained them up and caIIed my hoIiday friends Kwanzabot And the Chanukah zombie Three mad, wise men Bearing murder and frankincense Damn you Now fetch those bunnies by the armfuI sIightIy more harmfuI No one here goes near that door This toyshop's going to war'Be sIow to anger'Low-down scammers got me seeing red Got my TIE fighter out of the hangar'Cause I'm Jewish and I'm undead Ten hut! DreidI, dreidI I made it out of bIasting cIay You're nuts And when it's dry and ready For mercy they wiII pay I can't wait eight nights or more This zombie's going to war Kwanzabot in the NeptizzIe-hizzIe With my inhuman beat box Busy buiIding missiIes They're guided by these cute dancing fairy figures CarefuI, IittIe eIf That's proximity-triggered I'm fighting back for Kwanza So the chiIdren won't miss it I'm confused about its meaning But I know it when they dis it So, Santa Come on, pimp my sIeigh Easy with that toy artiIIery Torgo's powder's deadIy but unstabIe Can they sue for liability? Certainly not! Use as much as you are abIe You signed away your rights when you were hired Chestnuts roasting, I'm gonna open fire Prepare for gore gaIore This trinity's going to war Troops, you are now equipped with the finest weapons magical elves can build.