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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Defence of Blogger

Blogger, or blogspot, the blogging platform upon which these words have been placed, comes under an awful lot of criticism from both the blogging community and the SEO community, but since they are both generally full of **** you can take their opinions for the shit that it is: crap.

The simple fact is that you can do almost anything in blogger that you can do in the horrid behemoth that is WordPress [spit], these people only ever regurgitate what other bloggers and SEOs [on wordPress [spit]] say on their rubbish WordPress [spit] blogs. These people are clearly idiots, these people have clearly never used blogger [or anything other than WordPress [spit]] in their miniscule blogging career. The case is made most clearly when you suggest to them that there are a lot of very good, well made, blogs out there using tumblr, they look at you as if you are speaking in Klingon, they only see the many run-of-the-mill tumblrs out there. But I can tell you there are some fantastic ones, if you want to look.

Another thing about blogger, quite simple, it is a google service, and the big G likes its own stuff. Google hosts it, it is on the google server: quite simply it is in the best interests of google to index all original content on blogger, and cancel the accounts that are rubbish. Being on blogger also helps in metrics: for those of us who do not register our own domain name, the domain level metrics would always be better for http://* than the theoretical [if you want it, it is available [but I will burn you]] I already have [also hosted on the big G], so when it comes to this shitty little blog [on blogger] and mummy blogger version XXXXXCCCCCII [on WordPress [spit]] I know which is better.

All this and I haven't even mentioned how much the admin interface is much easier to use, and how the interaction between google's webasters tools & google analytics is so much easier [though it must be said I am more & more impressed with parts of bing webmasters tools these days]. The case: if you are an enthusiast then there is no case; the little that WordPress [spit] gives you that blogger doesn't, in no way makes up for the benefits that blogger gives you, and if you are a web developer [spit] f**k off to your WordPress [spit].

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