Thursday, 3 June 2010

Links - to link or not to link

I have been reading lately about the effect of multiple links in the body of a blogpost. It seems that not everyone out there can likes to read through multi-layered pieces of text [that is what hyper-text is after all], and that an article can lose readers forever after the first click.

Among the ideas put out there are that if you want to it is still possible to put links on the page, however keep them out of the actual body of the text, and put them at the end, in a footer, in a similar way to footnotes work in an scholarly text.

I am trying this for the first time here, I don't know why I never thought about this before, after all it was the structure I was brought up with, in university and books etc. I'm going to see how this does.

Can You Handle On Page Links by Debra

Experiments in Delinkification by Nicholas Carr

The Case Against Links by Marshall Kirkpatrick


  1. Hey dude,
    is there a way I can style up these links to look like footnotes? And if I do use them like footnotes how do I improve the usability of the page so that the superscript isn't processed by screen readers?

  2. I know I was a bit lazy in doing it this way, but I often am. One way to make the links look more formal, like footnotes, would be to add a numerical referencing to each link. Also if you changed the font to Times New Roman [or appropriate other] and to decrease the font size. Another suggestion would be to leave the entire URL, after the title of the article. Best yet is to follow the Harvard System for referencing WWW documents.

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